My Social Media Policy

May 3, 2010

I am not really sure what I am supposed to be doing in this blog, but i will use the social media blog i tagged and  follow the steps outlined for creating my own social media policy, and hope its right 🙂 ok so..

step 1.. connecting

I think an introduction from new followers would be nice, so you can get to know the person and know what their purpose for using blogs is. It is always interesting to learn something new, and new followers will always have new information to teach you.

Step 2.. follow add friend

My policies on friending people on the social networking sites I actually use ( like facebook) are only adding people i ACTUALLY know. I keep my profile private and I do not want to friend anyone I do not personally know. On sites like this, or twitter, which I used for assignments in this class, I do not mind adding or following random users because most may be from my class or a class like mine. Also I have less personal information on these sites.

Step 3… Privacy, Boundaries, and Safety

My privacy includes keeping my sites private and all information can only be seen by people I add. I also keep myself safe by not posting personal information such as my phone numbers or address. I think it is a bad idea to put down everything about yourself on any internet site. You have to keep in mind EVERYONE can see this. I try to make sure all pictures posted of me on the interent are decent pictures, that someone looking through for maybe a job, or even my parents, wouldnt be offended or place judgement if they saw them. For example I would not put a picture of me holding a beer on the interent, because a future employer could see this and deny hiring me just on the basis of the picture.

Step 4.. Signal To Noise

I do not really know much about social networking, and I do not have many strong feelings about it. Anyone can update their website at any time, and it is not going to make me un-friend them. People use these sites to express themselves to anyone who wants to listen, and if I were to get annoyed by these expressions, it would be pointless for me to even have a site myself.

Step 5… Personal Data And Sharing

I think that it would be awesome to connect with people who had your same type job goals or interests on here. Connecting with peoples different ideologies could also open my eyes to many things I’ve never even considered before. It would be cool to learn new things from people you dont even know.

Step 6.. My Networking Needs And Uses

My networking goals for each of these sites is very different. When I use facebook, I am connecting with all of my personal friends. On twitter or wordpress I connect with classmates or other random people, and I do not give any personal information out.

Step 7.. Your criteria Here

My policy on social networking is to always be safe and keep my private and personal information concealed, but to connect with others with same interests and concerns and learn more from them. I think that people on this site can always teach you something new if you are open to it and willing to put yourself out there and learn the things people can teach you. If you put in time and read peoples blogs or posts who have similar ideas as you, you will be learning more and more about your interests every day


plane crash

February 19, 2010

I chose a blog about a recent plane crash in Austin texas. The post describes,, that a software engineer was unhappy with the IRS and decided to go on a suicide mission to crash his small airplane into an office building containing 200 IRS employees.Investigators found a note Joseph Stack had posted online earlier that day explaining why he was doing this. He ran into a 7 story black glass building  at around 10 in the morning. Before  taking flight, Joseph also set fire to his own house which is close to the building. What I found interesting was that they are taking down facebook fan pages due to “user complaints” to the site. Through the crash and fire, only 2 people were hospitalized, and one person was reported missing.

Hello world!

January 27, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!